ET Zar


Leader of Project At Earth




500 years


12 May 1990


Jack and Nancy Malacaria



This is Zar, Leader of The Project.

His race is the most elite of The Project races and in this part of the Universe.

He is five feet tall in body form and has round black eyes and a tiny nose and mouth.

His body is made out of light and his home is a star which takes 17 days to get to at greater than light speed.

His ships are made out of light too.

He is about 500 Earth years old and in his first life.

Jack Malacaria and Zar are family by soul.


Under Zar, the head representatives of each of the ten most elite visiting races runs the council of the organization.

Every representative of each visiting race has a position and purpose in the organization.

Each representative works with a crew of his own race, and all beings of every crew work together for the same goals.[1]


  • "There are thirty other worlds concerned with the ecological state of this planet.
Too many of man's systems are causing destruction and diminishment of Earth's natural resources.
Your forests, which are absolutely essential to balance and maintenance,
are already in an immediately critical condition.
Because man is not capable of solving all of these problems by himself, we are going to help.
We are not going to let man destroy this planet."[2]

  • "My race does a great deal of mediation between worlds.
Sometimes you just cannot solve differences and it is important to understand that.
You just get as close as you can with an agreement and then that's what you live with.
Oftentimes, this is good enough for peace."[3]

  • "Our technologies are far beyond that of poking and prodding." [4][5]

  • To Nancy and Jack:
  • "Your job, both of you, is to do what you are doing already,
to aid people in their understanding of what The Project is and all of its goings on within,
which are to help this world become part of our group of worlds.
Your role is to help people with understanding of the awareness they have.
People have awareness of these things but don't know how to interpret or use them.
They need help."[6]

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