Our Intergalactic Union, and all the unions all across the universes, are not only about peace.

Think of all the benefits all on our world would share if all countries worked together as one and helped each other.

We still war and don't even feed all our own yet, so it's only natural that it's so difficult for us to imagine peace being the means to handling conflict between peoples.

Peace is not utopia or magic or a fairy tale.

It's is a reality maintained between all advanced races, but it doesn't 'come' with advancement, it is the 'way' to advancement.


All young races get to their own point in their evolution of discovering other life and join their local group of worlds, and the circumstances are unique for each new race.

For some it's easier than for others, but of all the races in our area, our race is among the most difficult for others to ever try to approach and work with.

This is because we have applied through leadership our suddenly excelling development, intelligence and abilities to the things that we have, instead of to the things that we should and need.

For instance, as we became modern, we created greater terrible weapons and use them to edge of annihilation of our species and our world, instead of providing for basic needs of all people and preserving the ecology and natural resources for our descendants.

Now each new person coming into our real world leadership is inheriting this impossible situation and fearing the breakdown of entire world order upon the public discovery of its crimes.


Any new up and coming young race that is not developing relatively safely for itself and others upon it's ability to travel is not allowed to travel yet or to take an active role in its local group of worlds.

Any help it needs is offered by the other races, but no race is taken over or forced into agreements.

The other races do the kinds of things our visiting races are doing here, as needed.

All races have benefited from some kinds of assistance from other races, especially in their early advancement, but not always for the same kinds of extreme problems we are still running our world on.

Some other races had such self destructive things early on, but few ever had the continued organized corruption against reasonable progress that we defend to no limit. [1]

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