We all have a role and a voice.

This is our world.

We can do whatever we want with it.

The visiting races can help us.

Anybody who teaches truly about them is helping save our world.

Many people on earth are helping to save our world every day, in all ways.

It's not all about the aliens.

But we will need their help for many things.

We are running out of time, and losing precious things forever.


It's our leadership that is running our world out, not the people.

A one world order is progressive and natural in all of evolution.

Every fine organization has one leadership.

If all people actually have a say, we have one leadership that works for all.

War, hate, prejudice is maintained on earth.

When a world is maintained divided, no people really get a say.

The "NWO" is being advertised as something sinister, but it is the only progressive way to evolve.

A one world leadership is evolutional and correct to advancement of all races.

The government makes it sound like something sinister.

All people can have a say through a process of one organization.

It's the way to survive and advance, like our visiting races have.

How can we join our local group of worlds if we are not even at peace or organized ourselves?

One of the representatives that visits Earth is the leader of ten worlds.

We don't get to choose our leaderships.

We don't even know who the real leadership is.


The aliens think that the nation that will take over organizing the one leadership for our entire world will be the one who provides for all our world's people.

Like starting with food.

If we provided all basic needs for all people, we would flourish as a race.

We would flourish past our leadership's way of running our world.

Our science is figuring out what affects us mentally, physically, developmentally.

Many people are depressed, living in an impossible situation.

Poor nutrition.

Little or no hope.


Advanced races trade with one another.

But if a race needs something, other races help provide it freely too.

I think our leadership should voluntarily contribute food and medicine to all people.

Shelter, clothing, education too.

It's not being done on purpose.

We have the means and have for a long time.

What does our leadership do with all it takes from us?

Builds weapons.


Explores space.

The people get a token back compared to what they need.

One part of the world throws food away.

In another part, people are starving to death.

Half the population of Earth is underfed.

God Bless America, we say.

It's just not enough.

And the worst thing is that it's deliberately maintained to be this way.

It's not about perfection.

It's about applying what we have, what we know, to what is needed most.

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