Many people assume that we must be like cattle to them until they learn more about it all.

All races are begotten from other races.

We are populating the universes.


To some alien's viewpoint, we appear different as well.

We have tiny heads and beady eyes.

We have a thumb and four fingers.

We talk a lot and make a lot of faces.

We gesture a lot.

People can get hurt standing next to us, when we talk.


Our tenacity is also admired by the visiting races.

We are dynamic, and we rise to any challenge.

We are young.

We've only been practicing for a short time.

30,000 years ago we lived in caves.

We are doing pretty well, all things considered.

I always think of the quadriplegics who paint with a brush in their teeth.

That stands for how dynamic we are, and how we solve problems.

We never give up.

We create whatever we need, and we do it fast.

We work together.

Have you ever felt the energy of a group of people working together for what's good?

It's electric.


It's one of the things that is special about us, that all the visiting races admire.

We are so STRONG, body, mind and spirit.

And stubborn too.

Aliens have passion too.

But ours is special.

We are dynamic thinkers, and we overcome obstacles.

We are special problem-solvers.


We are very primitive compared to almost all other races.

We have a lot of bad ideas we need to correct.

The other races around us recognize our great potential intelligence and natural abilities.

There are no humans on Earth as smart as the alien races.

The most intelligent race that visits Earth is Zar's race.

There are more intelligent races in our union area.

But we know things about being human that no other race knows.

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