There is one project for Earth.

Other projects are for other worlds.

There are 103 other projects going on at new worlds in our galaxy.

All humans who have alien contact are part of this organization.

Because all of the races visiting Earth are part of this organization.

As of April 2000, every world visiting Earth is inside of the organization.

My alien contacts are the most advanced evolved races that visit, who have founded the organization.

The races who were visiting, who would not or could not join the organization had to leave.

The Human Role

I often see people I know here, on crafts, who don't even know they have contact.

I know them there, but I don't get to remember them all or everything about them.

I know people here who swear they are abducted and treated badly by alien life.

Then I see them on crafts working with the aliens.

It's a natural issue of awareness between states of consciousness.

People can get a glimpse of something spiritually, and run away with it.

If a person remembers being on a craft, then reads David Jacob, that's where he learns all about his alien contact.

Previous Contact

Some races used to fumble around, some rushed, some forced us.

Some stories of abuse are true, but they were rare then, and it doesn't happen anymore.

The stories have been grossly exaggerated both in deed and in numbers.

The Grays were desperate.

They needed things we have, and there was nobody to ask for them.

So they took them.

Some humans were abducted, taken without their consent even on a spiritual level.

But to any human, any contact may seem like abduction.

So much damage has been done that it can't all be rectified.

The organization of visiting races stopped it.

The US government tried to make agreements with the races who were abducting humans, to trade citizens for alien technologies.

The other races stopped these agreements, and stopped the abductions.

All of the visiting races have always had consensual personal contact with their own related humans.

A few races were taking advantage of some humans.


No race is out to get us.

Nobody wants to harm humans or take humans or our planet.

No race is after us.

No race needs anything here that they have to fight for.

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