Our galaxy is part of a Union of five galaxies that is called T-4-24, pronounced Tee-Quad-twenty-four.

In this union are over 5200 worlds of advanced life participating in the union.

All advanced races in all the Universes visit their neighboring worlds.

And each of our visiting races, most from our arm Orion of our Milky Way Galaxy, also visits some of our other visiting races' worlds.

The average time it takes for the visiting races to get to Earth is two weeks.

Of the 218 races working for the Project most all come from close by in our galaxy, most from our own arm Orion and just a few from the neighboring two arms.

There are a relative few races in the area who are not participating in the union yet, like us.

There are 103 other races in our galaxy who are about as primitive as we are, having their visiting life organized together to begin working openly with the newer race.

There is one project for Earth.

Other projects are for other worlds.

There are 103 other projects going on at new worlds in our galaxy.