We are soul first, from the point of our individual creation by God.

We remain soul, or spirit.

We may live a physical life or a few physical lives, but we don't have to.

All living things have a life force, which is spirit.

The spirit of a person is not the same as a spirit of a tree, but the tree is just as alive.

Only God creates life force and it is in everything in some way.

Everything and everybody. [1]


There is a part of ourselves that is older than our bodies - our soul.

We were already us before our bodies were conceived, and we are not limited to one life.

Most people have a few lives before we are finished living physical lives and ready to move onto another stage of existence.

Usually we stay inside our original races and families, but sometimes certain souls decide to work between worlds.

Humans who have contact with alien life are related to their alien contacts from before this life.

Some alien experiencers are directly of alien soul, and the rest are descendants of those directly related.

Meditation is a practice to help you become more aware, more connected, between body and spirit, so that you may physically know something that you know and do by spirit. [2]