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It is important for humanity to record the history of reports of alien/ufo sightings, certainly.

But please understand that when a people record a thing, even over historical time, in and by and from the record the thing more resembles those recording it than it resembles the thing.

The more they record, the more it resembles themselves.

This is because the record is the original creation of the recorder, so it can only reflect the personality, nature, knowledge and style of the recorder, or recorders.

That makes it all subjective enough - and not just to any and every individual who contributes to the record, but to the whole human race as one kind of observer, all from one point of perspective, the same point in evolution, the same books we've read, same knowledge and ignorance, religions we've learned, advertising we've been fed, etc.

To compound the discrepancies, the greater number of people who think alike in pattern and style about a thing, the more their own similarities support their assumption that their record of the thing 1s accurate to the nature of the thing.

But we can know intellectually that the nature of the thing OUT THERE and the record of the thing RIGHT IN FRONT OF US can only be two different animals.

This all happens innocently because it's the best we can do yet.

We have to do our best, and keep moving forward.

We can't throw the baby out with the bathwater.

We have to accept normal limitations and expect mistakes and be open to improvement as it comes and keep on stretching our edges.

This is true in all walks of old and new developments of everything on our planet.

Think of medicine, and how brave we have to be to push ahead under such risk of harm and liability, so we try to be as careful as we can but still move ahead.

The big problem is, though, that we are being kept confused by the powers that be on Earth - while the aliens are forced to stay away, there is more false evidence and information professionally generated than there is true evidence and information allowed through the media.

I don't study the record, I study the aliens.

But I will say that all public information shared about alien/ufo subjects is filtered, twisted, spun, fabricated, disguised, or buried and hidden under mountains of red herrings. [1]

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