Roswell was an accident, two crafts of the same race collided in air.

Roswell was a true event.

Roswell became famous because the crash was witnessed by civilians and went to press.

Roswell was not the only incident.

The military were prepared for incidents like this.

It was just one of the first to be witnessed by civilians and told around.

It seems that the debris from the crash at Roswell was taken to Area 51.

False details have been professionally added to discredit the whole event.

That is why so much disinformation was generated professionally to cover up the truth about it.


There was a crash in Roswell NM in July 1947.

It was two alien crafts of the same race that accidentally collided in air and crashed to the ground.

The crash of at least one of the crafts was witnessed by civilians and so quickly became publicly documented in the Roswell Daily Record Newspaper before the government could prevent it.

This is why this incident is famous, but there have been other incidences of crashes and captures, and not all by accident.

The alien people who fall victim to crashes or military attack die very quickly, if not from the crash then from the exposure to Earth's atmosphere.[1]

The Roswell crash was real, and the US military took the alien bodies.[2]

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