Reptilian Race

There is a "reptilian" race that visits Earth.

That is, their appearance resembles our reptiles, however they are not reptiles in any way.

They are a fine race of people who have had many stories professionally fabricated or exaggerated about them.

Also many humans who meet them automatically assume the worst in their own minds.

I do not know if the race we humans call reptilians has the ability to shape-shift, but many races do, as it is natural to them.


Is there a reptilian species owning Earth now?


The leading governments of Earth own and run Earth. [1]

Race Appearances

No alien race is actually reptiles or reptilian or reptoids.

Some races do somewhat resemble what we know as reptiles on Earth because some have green skin, and some have yellow eyes, and some have scales and some have pointy nails on four digits.

But in some of our pictures of dogs and their owners the two resemble one another too.

The dog looks like the owner or the owner looks like the dog.

No alien race controls another alien race or our race.

Nobody controls another race.

Officially, The Grays are two races who have gray skin and the typical "alien" shape and look very much alike, but one is shorter than the other.

Both of these races were using humans to help create their separate hybrid races.

BUT many races that visit Earth have some shade of gray skin, and those hybrid programs were ended permanently as of April 2000 by the organization of our visiting races.

All of the races that visit Earth are from close by in our galaxy, most from our own arm and just a few from close by in the neighboring two arms.

All advanced races visit their neighboring worlds.

"Neighboring" means "within travel distance" so that they can all get home easily enough again.

This creates a network across space so all information can be shared with one another.

The very individuals who travel here to work, dedicate themselves here.

It is other members of their races who visit other local surrounding worlds to build and maintain relationships between them as well.

Our race is one of the youngest up-and-coming races in this area right now.

And it's one of the hardest to work with on building a relationship and offering assistance.

There are 103 other primitive races like us, elsewhere in our galaxy, having their visiting life organized together.

But we humans on Earth are one of the most difficult for any race in this area of space to try to work together with.

We are just so stubborn when we do not even know what we are being so stubborn about.[2]