The races visiting Earth are here because we are neighbors in space.

We share the same area of our galaxy.

All advanced races visit their neighboring worlds.

This creates the network of endless worlds and galaxies and unions and Universes all part of the vast organization of advanced races.

Advanced Races

Advanced races know each other and help each other.

Peace between them helps ensure the survival of all.

We humans are not advanced yet, but it is time to meet our neighbors as we approach travel that will take our habits to them.

We need to learn the laws of the Universe so we can take our place among our local group of worlds.


Everything we do here on Earth affects the other races around us in some way, directly and/or indirectly.

We are friends and family with the visiting races, and all the same kind as people.[1]

Alien life has always visited Earth.

And now is our time in our evolution to learn about them.

But we are having a lot of trouble.

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