The original pyramids were built by alien life.[1]

They were used in conjunction with other pyramids built on other planets in our solar system.

They worked together across the space to help stabilize the wobble of the planets.

The alien races - I don't know which one or ones - built the original pyramids on Earth, Mars and another body in our solar system.

The pyramids worked together with additional advanced technologies to help stabilize the wobble of Mars after a small planet collided with it.

There are at least three places in our solar system where there are pyramids.

How many at each I have no idea.

They worked in conjunction with each other to stabilize the wobble of Mars after the noted collision.

It did not, as far as I know, do anything to change its orbit.[2]

The ancient people of Earth created replicas of the original pyramids.[3]

The equipment used by the aliens inside the pyramid is no longer within and was removed by the aliens.

The rest of the pyramids on Earth are attempted replicas of the originals by humans on Earth. [4]

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