We are all the same kind of being as people, with common and unique physical and spiritual characteristics world to world.

Almost all other races are much further developed, evolved and advanced than our own, and are at peace within their races and between their worlds.

Peace means maintaining friendships, helping one another and solving differences toward the same goal to ensure security and quality of life for all.

What is at stake

If the people of Earth do not straighten out our world, we are not going to make it.

Although some humans realize what is at stake and want to unite our worlds and some do not, the other races only treat our world as one whole.

They will not allow us to advance to travel where we will do out there to them what we do at home.


Our neighboring races are helping us as much as they can within their jurisdiction, mainly by education, but this is our own world to run and fix.

They are offering their assistance and working with many individual humans already, but our leadership is selfishly creating and maintaining our confusion about, and separation from, our neighboring worlds.


Stop thinking in ridiculous nonsensical ways about the nature of life and spirit.

Stop believing the disinformation being fed.

Think for yourself straight and rationally and learn from your own life experiences about everything, including other life.[1]

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