All races of people have problems.

They are not perfect and cannot control everything that happens by nature.

But they do have a great deal of experience and success at preventing problems like crime and diseases.


If you consider what it is that causes crime, you should be able to see that a great deal of it can be prevented so it rarely ever even begins in a person.

Also, if and when it does begin, it can be corrected early.

And also a person who is committing crimes can be dealt with effectively to keep others safe.

The idea of rampant crime on advanced worlds is against the very idea of advancement itself.

Young Races

Our race is among the youngest races in our galaxy and in our entire union area of five galaxies.

There are only a relative few other races in this area of space that are younger than we are.

There are 103 other races in our galaxy who are at an equivalent point to us of being introduced to their neighboring races.

Each of these races is unique and has unique nature and needs.

Few of all races have ever had the great degree of difficulty our race is having with accepting other life.[1]

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