I don't know very much about schizophrenia.

But I know that the alien races did not create the voices that come with it.

Those voices are imaginary.

The alien races do not work on any physical level with mentally ill people when it would be confusing and make things worse for those people.

The alien people are very careful and only professional at all times.

They are not fooling around or taking any part in worrying people's imaginations.

Do you imagine that your doctor would call you up on the phone and say strange things to you, just to worry you?

The alien people don't do that either.

It is harder for me to answer so straight about spirits because they are just people with their personalities the same as always.

But the spirits are very busy too, and any around you are your family and friends who care about you.

Being mentally ill, in some ways, can peek your consciousness and make you more aware of things than you may normally be, whether you entirely create them or not.

You may pick up on actual random thoughts of others whether you are mentally ill or not.

Mental illness can create voices in your mind, distort them, and make them take on more meaning to you than they have, whether there is any grain of reality to them or not.

We are all surrounded by other people, all thinking.

Any of us can, in some way, pick up on their thoughts.

It does not mean that they are speaking words to us.

Running away with thoughts and feelings and making them into something they really are not, would be a part of a mental disorder, no matter how it originates.

Don't forget, I am not a doctor and I don't work with mentally ill people.

I don't have any personal experience with mental illness, either.

I have heard voices from time to time all my life, but they were always natural and normal to me, and did not confuse me or torment me in any way, even when I did not understand why I was hearing them.

Whatever you hear in your mind, you don't have to give it any reality in any case.

You can shut it off like the television or radio.

You don't have to tune in.

You can practice visualizing switching them off and on at will.

You may not have complete control of your mind, but you have some, and the more you work with yourself, the more control you may find you have after all.

Always think of God spiritually.

When you need help or comfort, reach for God.

When you pray, only talk to God.

This is what my alien friends told me.[1]