They are the second race of beings my husband and I met.

They work closely with another race of beings and the two are friends though their evolutions nearby each other.

The Martians are very ugly, and sometimes act very funny, kind of stooges.

They love to laugh. But when they are serious, they are completely serious.

When they talk audibly, they sound like they are growling and mumbling in a deep monotone.

They are very good people.

The Martians and their colleagues (who are not The Grays) are the races you find in Whitley Strieber's early experiences.

I think our race is going to be very good friends with the Martians, because the Martians are more like humans in personality than a lot of the other races that visit us.

History Edit

The Blue's race is millions of years evolved and advanced beyond our race.

They are very well known and respected throughout this part of the universe.

There are other races visiting Earth who are longer evolved and greater advanced, and The Blue's race works closely with them.

There are even older, greater races surrounding our area who do not regularly visit Earth, but who are welcome.[1]

Life on Mars Edit

I do not know what they breathe, but they are capable of creating any atmosphere they need inside an area.

They drink water which flows inside in streams from the melting of their icecaps.

They grow the food they need inside.

It is large inside, almost like being outside.

They have housing, buildings, roadways and skyways.

There is no lack of space inside.

I do not know if they live in the center, but I don't think so.

I think they are just under the surface. [2]

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