Light races live on stars.

Light races are "intelligent energy".

The bodies of light beings are made of stars.

The oldest race that visits Earth is over 6 billion years old and is a race of light.

The oldest race in our union is 16 billion years old and is also of light.

Light People

These people are as alive and physical as we are, but their bodies are made of light.

They are intelligent energy and their home is a star.

The light beings often are shaped like spheres.

They jet across a room in a sphere, and land as a people shape.

The light beings are intelligent energy.

They are created intelligent already.

The oldest race that visits Earth is over 6 billion years evolved, and is of light.


Their buildings are very tall and all white with no windows, tubular shapes, sloped down at the rooftops.

They have no trees or any animal or marine life.[1]

Their ships are made of light too.


Light beings can travel to other worlds on their own.

But it is much more comfortable and safer to travel on their own crafts.

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