Why Japan?

There are a number of reasons for that.

I was told very basically.

It is time to make it happen.

Our governments are not welcoming it, and it is dire now.

The aliens have to push for it along with some individual humans and groups of humans, whether all the governments are ready or not, and they are not all ready.

Some are fighting it to all ends.

Japan is not perfect for it, it is only best of all our nations, all things considered.

Japan is strong and independent and will withstand the opposition of some of the opposing countries.

The people and the leaders are willing and will honorably handle information responsibly for our entire world for the right reasons.

It will not be easy, and nobody knows for certain how difficult it will be or how long it will take to smooth out.

But it has to be done.

Open Contact

Japan will handle first open contact.

But then other nations will join in together to do their parts too.

The pressure will be on all leaders, and things will have to change across our world.

Without the secrecy and deception that many leaders have depended on so far, they will have no choice but to change the way they run our world.

Keep in mind that our systems are made of people.

Our systems are not entities in themselves, so we don't have to destroy the systems.

We only have to put new people in.

And people change over quickly.

The new generations of people moving up are very different from the generations of people ahead of me and you.

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