Jack and Nancy
Jack and Nancy Malacaria
Jack and Nancy


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Jack and Nancy are true teachers of alien life.

Everything they learn about alien life is from their own hundreds of ongoing experiences with them, specifically with the beings who run the organization of all of the races that visit Earth.

They speak publicly at no personal charge to share what they are learning from their encounters.

The Malacarias own a cleaning business which they operate from their Norwood, Massachusetts home.

They married in 1986 and have five children.

Nancy Malacaria

I am very happy to answer your questions. First let me tell you a little bit about me.

I am a teacher in the UFO field, not because I study the field, but because I study the aliens.

I have been having personal experiences with people from other worlds all my life.

They teach me about themselves so I can help others learn what's real.

It is very important for you to know that what the alien people are like, and what most humans think the alien people are like are not the same thing.

The UFO field is made up almost entirely of what humans think about alien life.


It is difficult for people to believe me and I feel that is the best opinion for people to hold.

One couldn't just know, and the things I talk about are far outside of mainstream, even for the UFO field.

If someone was to just believe me without knowing anything for themselves, that would reflect an error in their judgment.

That kind of error is common in humanity. Wherever there is a mystery, there are people who will project and invoke their own beliefs and desires.


Jack and I have always been together on Earth, each life.

Our first lives were on other worlds, different ones.

Our alien contacts help us get together. But it's still our choice.

They can help create the opportunity.

We are soul mates, truly.

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