It is my desire for the visiting races to intervene as soon as possible.

It is also their intention to intervene as soon as possible.

Try to see humanity as a whole, and each of the ways all of us behave as one part of the whole.

What makes us human is inside of all of us.

The visiting races cannot divide us from that which makes us human, but can only offer their assistance to help us overcome our disgraces.

The offer of better solutions is a first step made by them, but accepting it is a first step yet to be made by us.

I would like to see a vote of all people as to whether they think our governments should accept help from our visiting races.

First our governments would have to admit they have been turning down the offers of our visiting races for a very long time already, and they don't want to do that.

We would need to have actual honest individuals in positions of world power, and our governments don't want to do that either.

Peace and Unity

Humans are evolving on our own and gaining intelligence, capabilities and consciousness, but our leaders are using our abilities for other things from what they should and what we need.

The other races are offering our leaders their assistance and our leaders are refusing their help.

Some things are going on so long and getting to be so bad that the other races have to push the issues of offering their assistance and go to the people to spread education.

Peace and unity are the norm for advanced races, and they take effort and work to maintain.

There is no utopia on any world - but we humans live far less civilized and in far more needless suffering than we should already, and almost all the other life known in all the universes is already at peace.[1]


We are where we should be right now in our evolution, but we are out of balance.

We excelled technologically, but put our intelligence to use against ourselves.

Our spiritual development has been ignored.

So we make weapons instead of feeding all our people.


Our leaderships control us for their own ends of world ownership.

The alien races are trying to break into this bubble to spread education.

Because if we don't change our leadership, we are not going to make it.

Bush (as of 2008) is the public leadership, not the secret leadership.

The secret leadership is shared by the leaders of the world controling countries.

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