I will explain it as clearly as I know it simply from my own experiences and communications with the leaders of the organization of our visiting races:

Our visiting races belong here as neighbors, friends and family of both humanity itself, and more directly of individual humans.

Their authority is under the larger union of five galaxies, literally translated as "The Intergalactic Union".

These races belong here as well as humans belong to each other country to country, but in more complex, evolutional and spiritual ways.

We are all the same one kind of being under the same one God.

Humans on Earth are prejudiced against our visiting races - they are not prejudiced against us or each other.

The individual human people that the alien visitors work personally with are their own related humans.

There was an amount of advantage-taking going on by a few races in the past, which has been halted by the organization of our visiting races.

World Leaders

Our world leaders have had appointed human individuals in government (I do not know who) who carry a professional dialog with, in the past, a few individual races here, and now with the leaders of the organization of visiting races.

In the past, many individual visiting races were working alone here.

Our world leaders (the US Government for one), already had ongoing dialog and agreements with a few of them (I do not know exactly how many).

The Organization

As of April 2000, a few of our visiting races have been permanently dismissed from visiting our planet by the organization of visiting races, and every single last visiting race has been indoctrinated into the organization of our visiting races.

Now our leaders (or appointed government people) have to work directly with the leaders of the organization, not with any individual race.[1]

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