All known races believe in the one same God.

That's because God teaches at every world.

But we humans believe things about God that are unique and untrue.

We have a lot of manipulation in our religions, to funnel money.

The fear of hell makes us pay more money or something.

Mostly to get money.

To build gold towers or something, I don't know.

But really, many wonderful religions also teach good things, and organize help for many poor people.

Religions are not all bad or anything.

They are just like man himself, since they are made by us.

God lived inside some other races/worlds too.

Not just ours.


Jesus was not an alien.

Jesus was God by spirit, body of man.

God has been to live inside of many worlds.

Other Races

All races have a unique history of discovery of God that they celebrate.

All of the races pray, and pray together in the same way.

It is clear to me that the more intelligent and evolved faith gets, the more simple and universal it is.


No other race in all of the universes holds any similar concept of hell, or demons or a devil.


Do the aliens believe in God?

Yes, but they have a more advanced understanding about God than we do, just like a lot of things.

God didn't just make the people on this planet.

These aliens have been evolving on their planets longer so they can do more things with science and technology that look like magic to us.

We have really only gone to the moon, but pretty soon we will be able to go to other planets, too.

Do the aliens pray?

Yes, but it's probably more simple.

Prayer is just like telepathy and all the aliens we've meet so far talk by telepathy.

You can talk to the aliens anytime you want, but when you pray, do that only to God.[1]

What do the aliens think about God?

They believe in God too, and that they say, as we do,

"We are all Children of God." [2]


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