The goals are ongoing.

The present main goal is to build a diplomatic relationship with our world.

Our world will one day join our local group of worlds.

The immediate goal is to bring education about other races in the Universe to humans.

This happens with every world.

We are very young in our evolution, and most other worlds are "much" future advanced and evolved than we are.

All advanced races visit their neighboring worlds and ally with each other.

This is the way to ensure peace between them.


It is difficult for a new race of people like us to fathom unity between races, since we cannot even fathom peace between our own countries yet.

Having peace does not mean there are no differences - it means that all parties agree to solve them the best way possible.

It is time in our evolution to be clued into the ways of traveling races.

Every world of intelligent life gets to this point.

Peace in our part of the galaxy depends on our responsible behavior.

What we are still doing on Earth now will create a great deal of disruption if we begin to travel and start doing these things near other worlds of people.

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