I have had two lives as Native American.

Two different tribes.

As a Native American, you can be in any tribe in any life.

They are like as one by spirit.

I'm in my fourth life on Earth.

This is my fourth as a human.

My first life was on another world in another race.

My first life on Earth was in Austria.

Second was Canadian Blackfoot.

Third was another native tribe near Nebraska.

My first race is Demetrius' race.

Not Zar's.

Demetrius is my brother.

We had the same parents.

The name of his world is translatable as The Planet of the Burning Sky

It has an orange sky and two moons.


Jack's first race is Zar's race.

From that life, Jack is Zar's father.

Zar is still alive in his first life.

Jack had two children while living in the light race,

A son, Zar and a daughter, now living on Earth as a human.

Jack and I have been together husband and wife in every life on Earth.

Zar talked to Jack and me about it.

We both remember some on our own.

Ten percent of alien experiencers were in life on another world before.

The rest of the alien experiencers are descendants of the ten percent.


Did we choose each other or were we chosen?


"You did not meet as aliens.

You chose each other as humans."

Life path

The qualities that I have for this work are carried through my lives, my first on another planet in another race.

My spiritual heritage is what put me in this position of having the opportunity to work with alien life.

Still, if I did not want to, I wouldn't.

If I did not want to by spirit, I would not have come here.

And if I did not want to physically once I found myself here, I would refuse the aliens, like most people do.

But it is my own choice by my heart and soul to use my abilities for the purpose they are intended.[1]

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