It is my understanding based on my own experiences with the alien races and with the government that the "secret government" is made up of the secret leaders of the most powerful countries on Earth.

These leaders may be publicly known by name or not, but they are not publicly known for their positions in secret government or for the decisions they make.

The secret government is much better organized and united country to country than the public governments, but the most powerful countries have a great deal of control over the less powerful countries.

The lesser countries cannot go against the demands by the more powerful in the matters of their secret unity or they will be cut off from treaties, trading, protection and aid.


There are secret individuals within the secret government who have true interests in making changes to solve the many problems we have.

Their positions are dangerous, of course.

However, I believe that most of the people who work under the secret government don't even really know what corruption they are contributing to.

For instance, I believe that all of the men and woman who help hunt and kill alien people and humans who work with alien people, have been taught to really believe that their work is necessary for the protection of our world.


This world and its future belongs to every human being.

The help our race can get from any source on Earth and from other worlds belongs to every human.

You don't have to have direct personal contact with alien life to help with what the alien people are trying to do here.

In fact, if you don't have alien contact you may be safer and freer to speak openly than those who are known for having alien contact.


Many people ask me how they can help.

I always encourage them to speak up and share ideas in an appropriate way when the subject presents itself.

Casually talking and sharing ideas with relatives and friends while living normal life is the best, most innocuous education.

It is the way all improvements are begun.[1]

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