In November 1990 I stood up and spoke at a closed conference.

It was local.

It was put on by a few people who ran support groups.

It was partly MUFON.

The panel was all mental health professionals.

And the audience was all alien experiencers.

It was infiltrated of course.

After that, the government was threatening and harassing us.

They followed us for weeks and then tried to kidnap my husband.

The only people that think I'm crazy for this are those who know nothing about it.

It was three agents.

One flashed a card, not a badge.

He said his name was Smith.

They followed Jack down a remote road and waited for him to drive back out.

They blocked the road with their car.

One got out and went behind Jack's truck.

One came up to Jack's door and demanded he get out.

There was a flash of light, all the agents saw it, and Jack's truck was gone.

Jack said, "I have to go now."

And there was another flash of light and Jack was gone.

You would have to read the whole story for the details on what happened.