An alien experiencer can tell what race he is related to by asking them.

Normally the first race who visits him, and most often, is who he is related to.

40 to 42 percent of the population of Earth is alien related by spirit, ten percent of those are directly of alien soul.

Only 10% of humans who are related to an alien race were once inside of their race in a previous life.

The rest are descendents of the 10%.[1]


Usually people stay inside their own families.

People stay inside of their own race, on their own world.

When a person decides to go to another world for a lifetime, that is always a sacrifice, and it's a volunteer position.

We have a choice where we reincarnate.

It's a joint decision between ourselves and god.

It's like joining the peace corps, kind of.

We don't volunteer for a mission like that, and then go on vacation.

We don't get to go to a better place than our own world.

We go where we are needed.

That's the way we bring our worlds together.

We build relationships and foster understanding.

The races care about all life, for one thing.

We are also one of them, we are one race of many races.

They value what our race has to offer, as all races have things to offer.

We are neighbors, we are related.

We are the same kind of being as people.


If you have alien contact, then you always have and always will, and you can ask them what you want to know for yourself.

If you don't have contact, then I can't set you up.

What I do is help people who have contact get to know their own alien contacts by encouraging them to think normally and give the alien people a chance to speak for themselves.

Then make up your own mind.

Ongoing Contact

If you have alien contact, the connection is permanent.

If you ask an alien being to leave like that, and he does, it doesn't necessarily mean he's gone for good.

They are fully aware of our difficult process of acceptance and don't easily give up on us.[2]

The Project

Humans cannot be members of the council of the organization of visiting races.

But all humans who have alien contact may work with the organization through their own alien contacts.

In the future, more humans who do not have personal alien contact will be able to work with the alien races between our worlds.[3]

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