Facial Expressions

Yes, the alien people can show facial expressions of emotions.

Some races are more physically animated than others.

Most races are just simply so telepathic that they really do not need or practice facial expressions.

It is for our benefit of understanding that they do deliberately express their emotions physically to us by facial and body expressions, even a simple smile.

Also consider their practice of proper emotions and responses to us in their practice.

It's not that they do not have emotions.

They certainly do.

But to us, relatively trivial things can evoke high levels of worry and anxiety, where to them these things may be no big deal.

They have a much larger picture of the whole scheme of our own brand new experiences with them.

Yes, they laugh and cry for the same things we do.

They just emanate it much more effectively and honestly the way they do it.


If you meet with such a further evolved alien person on a personal level, and cannot receive him telepathically, you might assume he has no emotions just because he doesn't wear them on his face or jump around in excitement.

Also consider their professionalism in their meetings with us.

Every race is unique itself, and has some same and some different characteristics as some other races.

Our race is very physically animated emotionally compared to all the other races that visit Earth.


All of the races I have met sound distinctly unique to others I have met.

Their language sounds are so different from ours and each other's that we and they cannot verbally pronounce each other's.

Some sound like rolling thunder, and some sound like a squeaky hinge, but that doesn't matter because by telepathy anything anybody can think can be said.

Sounds we cannot produce physically can still be said by telepathy.

Some races do not communicate well with us by sound, usually because we cannot receive them.

So they communicate telepathically by picture or video or writing or emotion.


Almost all of my own alien friends usually speak to me in my own language sounds by telepathy.

Sometimes I hear them speaking their own languages audibly at the same time I hear them in my own language by telepathy.

They study all Earth's languages for their mission here, so I just speak to them in my own language, both audibly and by telepathy.