There are two kinds of dreams.

Imagination and spiritual activities.

We can mix the two together too.

We are always dreaming.

We don't have to be asleep to dream.

When you don't recall any dreams, all that is different is the connection between our states of consciousness.

To remember more of your dreams, the first thing you have to do is pay attention.

And lots of different things can interfere with doing that.


There is no difference between sleeping or awake, night or day. It's only our perception.

When we go to sleep, we are physically out of our own way, and can be more aware spiritually, and remember more things than when distracted while awake.

You can reexperience real events from long ago.

You can literally revisit another space in time.

You can also simply recall an event so vividly that it seems to have just happened.

When you remember a dream it can be a present event or a past event or a future event.

If you are out of body somewhere else doing something, and you are physically at home watching TV or washing dishes or something...

and you "remember" the spiritual event while you are engaging in it, it still comes up through your states of consciousness and seems like a memory from some time ago.

Remembering Dreams

To remember your dreams more, the edges of sleep can offer a greater opportunity to remember dreams because you are between states of consciousness.

You don't have to be asleep to be dreaming.

But when you lay down to go to sleep at night, if you talk to yourself, and focus yourself on staying alert while you are sleeping.

(And any mom or dad with a new baby knows what that feels like.)

If you count the hours and know what time you are going to wake up in the morning.

And plan ahead so that when you wake up you do so very slowly.

And then when looking back on where you were coming from instead of ahead for waking up, you can capture the edges of your dreams.

And once you have it by the tail, if you write down your dreams, that is an exercise that strengthens your focus and your memory and helps train you for the future.

If you log anything you can remember at all.

And don't judge it as real or not real.

If you just practice capturing details in order, this will help you.

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