Government Disclosure

The disclosure people are waiting for is never going to happen.

The government is never going to disclose the truth that they know.

Look at all that is out already.

The people are not wise enough to recognize it.

False witness ruins all of the material.

Look at Ben and Jerry there, or whoever they were, who made some crop circles with a plank and some rope.

All the people said, "Oh yeah, it was them who made the hoaxes."

It succeeded for years and still is.

Then the special interest groups advertised their own designs and claimed authorship of all of them.

The people are too willing to be loyal and ignorant.

It's human nature and applies to every subject.

It's the nature of the group.

The groupie.

The patriots and the politically correct.

They conform to their peers.


Advanced races don't need all this advertising and fashion.

Few races have ever gotten themselves into the mess we are in.

We used our greatest attributes against ourselves.

We made weapons and we kill ourselves with them.

We hate defensively against our own hate.

All races get help from other races to overcome their early problems.

A few people on Earth saw a way to have power and control over masses of people and their money.

Then it grew organized, people who discovered it happening, got in on it.


We humans are very dynamic and intelligent, but very young.

We have very special abilities and attributes to offer our local group of worlds.

Our passion is marveled at by other races.

It is one of the special things about us. we are tenacious.

But this is one of the special things about us, the way that we are so stubborn to the end.

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