The reason the visiting races are making contact with humans is to help bring our world into the organization of races in our area of space, and this is happening now because it's time now for our race - we are evolutionally and intellectually ready to begin our inclusion.

The main matter during contact is for education of the human race, and the main study material is about the natures of the visiting races.

The reason the visiting races are making contact with individual humans is because the organized government of Earth is offensively refusing to cooperate while the individuals are willingly seeking, even desperately.

However, it is still currently difficult for the alien people to find humans who can or will learn directly from the aliens instead of from the people and material allowed by government to flow on Earth.

Most education must be done in secret, and any human who learns and speaks too much is stopped by government one way or another way.

Young Race

The only reason we humans do not have, or seem not to have, much say in the contact between our race and the visiting races is that we are a very new, young race.

We do not even fully know on a conscious level what we are working toward with the other races yet.

We can't know because it's so far beyond us - it's so far beyond the way we live and manage our own world.

Here, peace is a fairy tale, and so is enough food, medicine, shelter and education.

It is our own leadership that treats us badly and keeps us ignorant, dogmatic, fearful and defensive.

It is our own leadership that is desperately trying to maintain its power and influence between the visiting races and those of us who want to help make the changes that will ensure quality of life and the survival of our race.

It is the government of Earth that presents our race as hostile to the other races, but all of the visiting races know that very well.

That's why they are pushing in to be known by you and me now - that's why they have to push in, because it's the only way it's going to get done. And we are running out of time. [1]

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