The plan is to show up a large craft or crafts.

They said at least one craft.

They are already visiting people in Japan, but they will show up for the world via there.

I think it could be tomorrow, the way I see things progressing.

But I really do not know.

They said soon.

They are going to do that because they are forced to do it.

It's not the best way, but our world leadership is leaving them no choice.

It will be to openly show themselves once and for all.

But it won't solve anything.


The USA government will discredit Japan and the information coming out of Japan about the aliens.

Most Americans will believe their own government.

When the alien races show up, it's going to open a HUGE can of worms.

People will not know who to believe, and very little information will be true, just like now only worse.

Afterwards the aliens will know how to proceed best, but everything hinges on us.

I think humans are so easily misled and unwilling to think for themselves that it will take a long time to sort out the truth.

Even the history of the event will be spun.

We the people have to make the changes on our world, even if we get ideas from alien life.

This is our own world.

The alien races can't do it for us.

The organization of visiting races hopes their contact with Japan will become fully diplomatic.

Their contact with them is progressing well, better than expected.

That's all I know.


We can learn things from the other races and apply those things at our own world.

The visiting races have human contacts all over our world.

They are seen everywhere.

They are helping educate humanity through individuals willing to learn.

They want to build a diplomatic relationship with our world.

All the advanced races know each other and help each other.

So should we.

Take Over

The visiting races can't take over.

This is our own world.

If they could take over, we wouldn't be living under such terrible conditions here.

We would be living in peace.

But if they took over, then they would own us, and we would not be able to continue our own evolution.

All our problems would be theirs.

We would hold them responsible and never help ourselves.

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