Has alien life changed human DNA?

I know from the aliens that they did not change our DNA.

Biology and genetics change, and there was a small amount of intervention early in our race's evolution on Earth, which did not change us, but helped our process along a little bit faster.

Our DNA is exactly the same as it has always been.

I don't know and have no indication from alien life whether DNA can be changed, or how it could or would be changed, either by alien life or by humans.[1]

Origins of Human DNA

We are not our bodies, and we were all created by God. Only God creates life- all life.

There are many ways that bodies are made and we know some already on Earth.

We, and/or our bodies, were not created by "the annunaki".

We humans physically arrived on Earth as the DNA from another race of humans, and it developed and evolved naturally over great time on its own here to fit the circumstances of this planet.

That race of humans our DNA came from is one of the 218 races that visits Earth now.

I do not know what race(s) put that DNA here.

There was something done one time by advanced life to this DNA here early on that did not change its development, but hastened it.

I do not know what this was or when it happened.

You can guess as well as I can.

The life of the universes is multiplying and populating throughout the universes, not very much unlike we humans are populating our own world.

This is a short and simple answer to what I have learned directly through many teachings by many different beings and kinds of beings. [2]

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