Are the leadership of other countries more receptive to ETs?

Yes, they are.

The government is hiding its own crimes.

The government doesn't want to change the way they are running earth.

The leading countries are the ones who have the most to lose upon uniting with alien life.

So they are preventing it.

Many smaller countries are trying to get the leading countries to accept alien contact.

The organization of visiting races asked the USA first, to host first national contact.

The USA refused.

So the organization of races went to Japan.

The USA is going to do everything it can to ruin information coming out of Japan.

Other Governments

Not all governments of Earth are so against the alien races or the sharing of true information about them.

The leading governments are "the secret government".

The secret government controls the leaderships of the other countries on these issues, at least just for right now.

Did the aliens have any advance warning on economic collapse?

I believe certainly so.

The aliens know everything going on here.

The alien races are not remote.

They are thoroughly paying attention to everything going on here.

The alien races are very concerned for our whole world.

We have to accept their help, to get it.

They care deeply about us.

We need to stop warring.

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