Wednesday, July 24, 1991 - Jack Edit

Three times in the last two days, I watched a scene in my mind of Zar drawing a circle or hole in the air with his finger and then gliding himself through it.

In one of the visions, just before he went through, he instructed me, "Be careful not to touch anyone else."

I told Nancy about it each time and waited to find out what it meant.

Nancy came home from a two-night stay with Susan at her family's summerhouse in Kingston.

We were all in the kitchen around the table, laughing with the kids and playing with the pet tree crabs Nancy brought home for Anthony.

Suddenly all noise and movement stopped in the kitchen, and everything and everyone remained frozen still, except for me.

I noticed a large circular shadow in the air just over and in front of the stove and recognized it.

I stood up and, careful not to touch anyone else, walked closer until I was right in front of it.

I'd seen Zar go through this and thought that was what I was supposed to do also, but I was afraid.

I call out for Zar by telepathy and he answered immediately, "You need to experience this now."

I put my hand into the shadow and suddenly everything went black.

I was immediately waking up, just as I was being put to sleep on the surgical table at Faulkner Hospital on July 1.

From the table, I watched my surgeon, the anesthesiologist and the nurses preparing to perform my operation.

In two seconds, I was suddenly back at the kitchen table and everything and everyone was moving regularly.

No one else there was aware that any of this had happened - just me.