• Are the light reflections in our room at night, or whenever, an effect of light beams used as channels?
  • What specifically or mostly are they used for?


There is a multitude of uses of these light beams as a technology, too many to talk about.

There are also lights that move around through the house that are alien entities.

What you are seeing in the room occasionally is from a neighbor's car, lights from a car.

However, they can also be an open line of sight, and these beams can be manipulated in any direction and to form any pattern desired.

When the lights behave in an erratic manner, they are technologically devised.

The beings of physical form use these in technology, as an extension of the senses.

They can use glass and other reflective surfaces to reflect light beams.

Also they create realistic sounds so as not to unnecessarily alert anyone, such as the neighbors.[1]