Thursday, May 29, 1991 - Jack

The Blue has been around the house for a couple of days.

We feel his and others' concern for my injury, but Nancy is especially anxious about what will happen.

I have been well-medicated and preoccupied with trying to keep my pain to a minimum.

Last night, I was awakened by terrible muscle spasms.

The Blue was in the room, as I saw when he stepped towards me.

I tried to reach up to him as he leaned over me, but he put his hand firmly on my chest and pressed me down hard against the floor until my body was flat.

This immediately helped to lessen the pain.

The Blue said heartfully by telepathy, "I am sorry about your pain, but I cannot interfere."

I thought The Blue could sense or actually feel how I felt, and I wondered if he or the others ever had to endure pain like this.

In answer, he said, "Among my kind, we do not suffer this way because we have mentally evolved beyond this physical kind of pain.

We have a different type of nervous system from yours and strong mental abilities to block any kind of pain."

I asked, "What can I do to ease this?"

"You could try to relax and travel out of body as an escape, but you are not evolved or practiced enough to do it very effectively."

I said, "It's been so quiet around here. We were wondering when we'd hear from somebody."

The Blue said, "There has been someone with you at every moment through your ordeal.

We have been discrete in consideration for your discomfort while we have been conducting studies about it.

We have never had the opportunity to study human pain this closely before."

"I've been seeing a lot of lights and shadows shooting around around really fast," I said.

"You are seeing into an alternate dimension that has a different value of time. You need rest. I will be here for a few days."

I fell back to sleep.

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