Tuesday, October 23, 1990 - Jack

Later, while Nancy and I sat at the Kitchen table, Zar said to me, "Look."

Suddenly I saw a dark spot appear on a paper napkin that was lying in front of me on the table.

I knew Zar had made it there.

He said, "Copy what I show you."

I watched it and another dark spot appeared.

I began to tear pieces off of another napkin, roll them up in little balls the approximate sizes of the spots, and place them on the increasing number of spots.

Nancy was watching me and asked, "What are you doing?"

"I don't know yet. I'm doing what Zar is telling me to do."

After I made 21 pieces of rolled up paper and they were positioned just right, I pointed to one and said, "Zar told me this is his star."

We looked at the design for a minute, wondering what to do with it.

Then Nancy copied it freehand onto a piece of paper.

The copy is proportionate and accurate.

Zar's star is marked with Zar.

Zar's Star