Tuesday, October 23, 1990 - Jack

Last night I had a dream, but it wasn't just a dream.

I woke up and found myself in a sitting position, very relaxed and comfortable.

There were thick clouds all around me, above and below, and I could only see about ten feet away.

I looked and tried to feel what I was sitting on, but there were only clouds.

I felt completely content just to be there, but wondered where I was.

Zar peeked at me through the clouds.

Then he approached me, smiling, and sat down.

I was very happy and asked, "What is this place?"

Zar answered in a voice, audibly, although it was very quiet, almost a whisper.

"I told you I was going to show you how we worship."

I asked, "Is this where you come to pray?"

"Yes, one place. This is a place of worship."

I could see and feel why Zar would want to pray there and said, "It is so peaceful and beautiful here.

Is this a place made by people or is it natural?"

Zar replied, "This is a creation of God."

We sat together happily for a while until Zar said, "It is time to go now."

Zar sensed my reluctance to leave and said, "You know you can come back here any time you want to."

Suddenly, I was awake in bed and it was morning.

I woke Nancy up and told her about the experience.

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