There are natural rifts that alien life can enter and exit from dimensionally, but it's easier for them to create their own where they need it to be.

The Bermuda triangle is an area of rifts, but they don't really form a triangle.

Not the whole area is a rift.

There are a few there.

I don't know how many.

So the boats and planes disappeared due to the rifts?

By accident, not by anything anybody else did.

Some boats and planes.

Not all those that are missing.

A rift is like a fault.

Or a natural rip, a space.


I remember the aliens saying that it's not a triangle really, but that there are a few natural portals in that area, and humans are accidentally crossing by them.

The aliens prefer to make and use their own portals.

The alien races can come right in wherever they want.

They don't need to come in by any specific place or by any natural portal.

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