If the alien races ever wanted to attack us, we would all be dust in moments.

They would not be trying for so many years to bypass our governments and militaries to let all the civilian people on Earth see that they are here, carefully to try not to scare us.

Because they know that when we see them, we will probably believe whatever our leaders tell us about them, which is only to keep us scared.

And they would not be sneaking in to meet individual people who want to help, who risk their own lives and happiness to learn about the aliens and teach others about them.

Because when the leading governments find out about these individual people who work with the alien races, these people become in danger of the governments.

If we humans were not meeting the alien races and learning important things we need to know to change the way we run our world, the way we are going, we would destroy our whole world and kill our entire species off.

The alien races are not attacking us.

We are.

No Invasion

No alien race wants to take over Earth.

If they took it over, it would run clean and like clockwork, with every human fed, housed and educated.

Medical care would be immediate and free for all.

There would be no more wars.

We as a race already have the intelligence and capability of running our world by peace for ourselves, but for some reason we don't do it.

Somebody on Earth wants it to run just the way it is - and that is who created the systems to run it this way.

The alien races are bringing an awareness to humans that there is a better way.

Somebody on Earth doesn't want the people to know that, and so doesn't want the alien races here.

It's a little more than just that, though.

Because the people who run our world now have inherited it from those before them, after the damage became so advanced that it's impossible to turn it around now by themselves.

But the alien races can help with that too, once we the people demand our leading governments to accept help from the alien races.


There is no way to completely defend ourselves from the alien races if they wanted to attack us.

But we can defend ourselves from the leading governments.

Just learn something from the aliens and then apply it to life on Earth despite what anybody in the government says.

Or become somebody in a high position of government and then welcome the alien races to Earth. [1]

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