Many worlds that have people also have animals, wild and domestic.

Not all worlds of people have animals though.

The animals are as developed and evolved as the people are.

Their intelligence is beyond our animals.

The animals communicate with the people in animal ways.

They don't evolve into people kind of intelligence, just greater animal intelligence.

We are more alike our animals biologically than we are like people of other worlds.

Mammals feed their young from their bodies, but that is a planetary phenomena on Earth.

Alien Animals Edit

I have met a few alien animals.

Some of them looked mostly like dogs.

One looked like a cat kind of.

Our alien friends like our animals too.

Our animals go with us sometimes when we go on the alien ships.

Zar said that Halo is one of his favorite people.

Halo was my dog.

Pets Edit

Their pets look alien, just the same way the people all look alien.

Zar's world has no trees or animals.

I have not seen Zylem's animals, if they have them.

I'm not sure they do.

Many other races of people keep pets.

Not all worlds of people also have animals, though.

Of those that have animals, some have wild and domestic, and some have either wild or domestic.[1]

Abuse Edit

The alien people who visit Earth are the professionals of their races, representing their own to us and each other.

This is our world and we run it, not any of them.

If they could interfere, saving our animals from us would probably not be the first thing they did, but it might be up high on the long, long, long growing list.

If they started, soon we would stop trying to make our own world better, and then they would own our world and be responsible for all our troubles which we will continue to make.

All while we remain the same forever, causing more suffering and attacking ourselves and them, having been prevented from growing and learning ourselves.

On the other hand, as we as a race ask for their help and implement their ideas and assistance, we will excel.

After all, all of them have overcome their own early beginnings already, some with the help of each other.

So can we.

It's already well underway whether the officials of Earth like it or admit it or not.

We will survive ourselves and survive well.

Then we too will take our place in our local group of worlds and contribute the best of our best for all.

Besides, there are many humans working actively to preserve our animals and improve their care among humans.

You can't know all of who have their backs.[2]

References Edit