I only know a little about alien governments from the alien races, and only in simple terms.


There are both large organizations of discovery, invention and production (I would not say corporations) and individual creative work.

Not all races/worlds run exactly the same way, but all advanced worlds are peaceful and are run on and by peace.

There is one encompassing organization to each world managed by the leadership of the world, and the main purpose of the organization is to maintain peace and quality of life for all.


All people of a world who can, contribute to the world.

The people contribute what they can in the profession of their choice based on their desire, education and skill.

Note: Some worlds near one another make one group of worlds that share one organization of government.

There are special people on every world, and some whole worlds possess special abilities and qualities that make all their people potential specialists in a particular profession, which the world contributes to all other interested worlds of people.

One of these specialties is the production of professional space crafts.


The board of people of a world who lead and organize the world are elected by the whole world for their true leadership abilities.

Among all leadership tasks we are familiar with on Earth and more, these leaders make sure that all people are taken care of - all basic needs are provided for, and all people are protected.

There is no single or organized corruption among the leadership of advanced worlds against the people or the world, or against other worlds.


We are all evolving and there is no perfection, of course, but on advanced worlds all problems that arise are solved or settled fairly and openly at the lowest level for the most appropriate benefit of the people and world.

When there is a dispute or need, it is solved as well and fairly as possible peacefully.

Not everybody always gets what they want in a dispute, but everyone gets what they want and need most, which is peace.

This works among the people of a world as well as between worlds.

It is difficult to speak generally about all worlds because there are so many and all are unique, but all advanced worlds are peaceful, and peace comes only by and with fairness to all.

There is no poverty or war, and all people are valued, celebrated, respected, included, intelligent and educated.


None of our visiting worlds use money.

A few other known worlds do use a form of money, but not anything like the exclusive way we humans use it on Earth.[1]

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