The alien autopsy is fake.

The film and effort to broadcast it is part of the massive propaganda campaign created to discredit true information of alien life by those who have the most to lose by public knowledge of true information.

These people and agencies are obscure by design and many, some independent as well as in network, but they comprise the runners of inner government and affiliated special interest groups.

The film is a balance of realistic effects and not-quite-realistic-enough affects.

Its viewers who are easily fooled by it would believe just about anything pertaining to controversial subjects that they know little or nothing about.

Its viewers who are more informed and discerning can see that the film is a fake, and this is to further discredit alien evidence, personal claims of alien experience, and the aliens themselves.

Few can see the film for what it is.

Few could realize the position such a film and all those involved in it would be in, if authentic, or why it would never be allowed to be shown publically. [1]