Billy Meier started out true but his information was professionally distorted.

All of his truth was spun into disinformation for the media.

He made new "friends" who ruined him.

The government had to ruin him.

Everything he is said to have said now is silly.

Nancy Leider is another like Billy Meier.

These are ordinary people who discovered their alien contact and tried to tell about it.

They did not stay true to their own education, but it's not their fault.

Special Abilities

The manipulation by agents is persuasive, even in other states of consciousness.

The government has recruited people who have special abilities, who are meeting with alien experiencers, posing as aliens.

Agents can invite you out to dinner, give you a lot of attention and admiration, and something in your wine.

The government blackmails the aliens to stay hidden.

The government has agents who pose as alien abductees, who spread professional disinformation.

Any alien contactee who begins to become popular and can teach the truth to the public, is controlled by government.


Agents of the government and special interest groups position themselves at the mouth of every funnel.

They make themselves trusted friends in every chat room, every support group, at every conference.

They steer public opinion and become wise respected leaders of groups.

My room is watched closely, as is every alien UFO chat room and message board.

Agents are assigned to their own area, even their own alien experiencers.

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