Each advanced world has one body of leadership.

Some groups of worlds share one leadership.

Individual positions on area councils and unions are filled by representatives of participating races by election and unanimous vote of the organization.

All advanced races contribute to the organization of their immediate area in person, and contribute to the network of information across their union area.

Unions network with neighboring unions and across space, across the universe and across countless universes.

The furthest evolved races are the most intelligent and capable, and have the most combined experience.

All races are unique and possess some same and some unique abilities, and all capable contribute to maintain peace and assist and protect one another.

Peace does not mean having no conflict.

It means solving conflicts in peaceful ways.

When everybody wants the most important thing the most, peace, everybody works toward it together, even though not everybody always gets what else they want.

Hostile, or untrustworthy, races are not allowed to truly advance, or fully participate in a local group or a union.

Nor are they allowed materials or technologies for true travel. [1]

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