Natural Abilities

Our natural abilities are our own regardless of who or where we have inherited them from.

This law of nature is not all about the aliens.

We don't learn power - we discover our own abilities connecting us to all others through any of countless forms of meditation and experiences.

These discoveries are not all about the aliens either, even if some of them come through our experiences with alien life.


The alien people are people just like we are, our brothers, limited by their own mortal nature as well.

They are far ahead of us in every way and in all different directions, and have vital things to show us and teach us as a new race and they are doing all they can.

But it is the one highest power that we races of people world to world are all living and evolving under together that you need to address directly from your soul with your desire for understanding of your soul abilities.


You have many teachers.

These teachers will be many kinds of beings called by many words.

You can choose how to recognize these beings and teachings, and some of your own may or may not be people from other worlds.

Your spiritual purpose and mission has been actively under way for as long as you have existed, since the origination of you by soul.

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