There is nothing known or slated for 2012.[1]

What I know from alien life is that there is nothing so advertised that is slated to happen in 2012.

It's another year when many things will happen, positive and negative.

Lots of things will happen every year, this will be same in the year 2012.

The Mayans ended the writing of the calendar in 2012.

The Mayans did not make up all the things we believe about 2012 today.


There is nothing to the popular rumors about 2012.

They are just rumors.

Many things will happen in 2012, every day, same as every day of every year.

Humans always make up dates of doom.

The dates come and go, and the humans make up more dates.


Our planet will not be destroyed, because of all of the efforts to prevent it both by man and with the assistance of the visiting races.

The year 2012 means nothing except that many humans are focused on it for great changes to come.

Great changes always happen, every day of every year.

There is nothing especially extraordinary foreseen or scheduled for 2012.

Humans just always do that with dates.

The alien races are doing all they can to help us, and the problem is not all us people, it's just a few up high in management.[2]